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MLR0134 (First Light - Meridian)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-09-24 12:05:26

Our friend Chris Baker is one of the most veteran producers of Mindlifting Records, since the beginnings of this label in 2011 he is releasing tracks with us and we are very glad for this because he never disappoint, all his melodies are sublime. You already should know his new aka ‘First Light’ which we presented not much time ago and with which he brings us a new tune named ‘Meridian’. Another quality work with a melody totally in his style, and also for make it bigger the release comes with 2 amazing remixes by ‘EClipse’ and ‘W!SS’. They are 2 big producers in the Trance scene and both are releasing in Mindlifting for first time, so we are proud to give them the welcome. They both bring amazing remixes totally quality with great strength. Here you have a 100% recommended release that you can’t miss complete. Enjoy it!