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MLR0133 (Miguel Angel Castellini - The last summer together)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-09-17 15:14:46

‘Miguel Angel Castellini’ brings to Mindlifting Records a new awesome release. This talented artist don’t stop to produce lovely melodies and is stablished with a lot of releases in several labels of the Trance scene, very little time ago we presented you another of his tunes through Tecnomind Music and already worked with us some times. One more time we are very pleased to present one of his newest tunes, named ‘The last summer together’ and is a very quality Uplifting Trance as usual. In this release both artist and remixer are from Argentina, so 100% recommended release for Argentinian Uplifting Trance lovers. The remixer is ‘Javii Wind’, we give him the welcome to Mindlifting, and he brings us a stronger Uplifting version of the track and also totally quality. So, you can’t miss the full pack. Enjoy it!