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Out Now: MLR0100 (Mindlifting - Still Alive (Remixes))

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2017-10-09 16:15:01

We are back from summer vacations fully recharged and with great desire of bring you our best. And this is the time to present something very special! If you are a real follower of Mindlifting Records, surely you already got our last track “Mindlifting - Still Alive”, which we presented recently in our Special Release exclusively for Download Free as celebration of our 100 Releases. If you didn’t know it, feel free to go to our web and download it as this is not at stores. Now we are very proud to present the Remixes of this track by 4 of our best artists, they are: “Dave Moz Mozo”, “Independent Art”, “Milad Masoumi” and “Precious Affliction”. All them did a really great work and formed an amazing release, so you can’t miss the full pack, enjoy it!