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Out Now: MLR0091 (David Gate & DJ Deraven - Anatomy of an Antihero)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2017-07-04 11:46:12

Alan Delabie, better known for us as “DJ Deraven”, in addition to being one of our best producers is a great actor and director in his own series “Anatomy of an Antihero”. To mark the opening of the new season, he did along with other of our best producers “David Gate”, an amazing Uplifting Trance version of the original soundtrack, and we are very proud to present it through Mindlifting Records. The release with same name of the series includes an awesome Uplifing Original Mix in the purest style of the previous tracks by these artists, and also an excellent Remix with the new aka of “DJ Deraven”: “Amalia”, in a bit softer style. The whole release is really of quality, so, we recommend you grab this complete. Enjoy it!