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MLB001 (Sampler 001)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-05-03 11:37:58

The team of 'Mindlifting Records' is proud to present a new project, named 'Mindlifting Bundles'. As already was announced on social networks, this will be specialized in releases with Various Artists. We will bring you through this sublabel all kinds of trance styles in contradistinction to 'Mindlifting Records', which is 100% focused in uplifting trance as you should know. And we start 'Mindlifting Bundles' with 'Sampler 001', the first volume of a saga. This includes 6 great tracks by 'A.G.E.A.', 'Ardashir', 'Chris Vandevelde', 'Jake Hanker' and 'Ray'. They are all talented producers who deserve an opportunity in our labels, and did really good tunes that we are pleased to bring you. So, you can't miss the pack complete and enjoy it!

MLR0160 (Ilatek - Language Barrier)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-04-29 17:48:47

We are pleased one more time to bring a newcomer artist to Mindlifting Records, ‘Ilatek’, from Mexico. He haven’t much releases already in the music market through this name, but is really talented making uplifting trance and his productions sounds quite professional. This tune named ‘Language Barrier’ is a good example of what he can do, the base is strong, just like the kind of tracks we love most, and definitely is a quality work totally recommended. So, we are sure that you will love it too. Don’t miss this release and enjoy!

MLR0159 (Pourya - Beyond Imagination)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-04-26 13:12:57

Now is time to present the new work by ‘Pourya’, he already evidenced with his previous one that is a really good producer, capable to make amazing orchestral tunes. This time brings a purely uplifting new track, and this sounds amazingly strength. It is named ‘Beyond Imagination’, and undoubtedly would be worthy to be one of the most successful tracks of this season in Mindlifting Records. We loved the stunning base and the melody transmitting good vibes, and we are sure that also you will love it. So, here you have a highly recommended release that you can’t miss. Enjoy it!

MLR0158 (Sonalyis - Atlantic Ocean)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-04-15 15:30:58

We are pleased to present in Mindlifting Records a new artist named ‘Sonalyis’, coming from Ukraine. He still hasn’t releases in the music market with this name, but is a really good producer with potential, and the track that we bring to you is a good proof of this. ‘Atlantic Ocean’ is an uplifting trance tune with a great strength, we specially loved the melody transmitting good vibes, and we are sure that also you will love it. Also the same artist made himself an excellent cover art for the release that we are glad to show. We wish the best for this newcomer producer, and you can’t miss this release. Enjoy it!

MLR0157 (Aeron Komila feat. Remeya Kingston - Another Winter Came (Exciters Remix))

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-04-08 15:45:35

We released last year the track ‘Another Winter Came’ by ‘Aeron Komila feat. Remeya Kingston’, and now we bring you a new amazing remix by ‘Exciters’. It is a duo of talented producers from Egypt, specialized in uplifting trance, and we are proud to welcome them in Mindlifting Records. In a few years they made their place in the music market with some releases that have been supported by the biggest DJs. All their productions have a quite professional sound, and of course they made a really good work with this remix, which have a great strength and we absolutely love it. So, this is a 100% recommended release, since it is a track of exceptional quality, totally in the style we love most, and we are sure that you will love it too. Don’t miss this and enjoy!

MLR0156 (Sothzanne String - Shuravi)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-04-01 13:29:26

‘Sothzanne String’ is currently being one of our best artists, as you know his previous track with us is included in the last compilation of our best tracks. Now we are proud to bring you another of his amazing productions, a purely uplifting tune named ‘Shuravi’. We specially loved the melody, transmitting really good feelings, also of course with a strong base and quality sound as expected from this professional producer. So, we are sure that you will love this track and we expect that will be a successful one. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

MLR0155 (Gayax - Into my world EP)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-03-25 11:59:15

‘Gayax’, from El Salvador, is an important producer in the trance scene with a lot of releases already in the music market and all his works are quality. We already had the pleasure to present you a remix from him in Mindlifting Records, which also was included in the last compilation of our best tracks. Now we are proud to bring you a massive EP with 3 real masterpieces of the uplifting trance produced by him: ‘Different feeling’, ‘Into my world’ and ‘Transcendence’. The 3 have exceptional melodies and great strength in the bases, so we absolutely loved all them, and sure also you. Again, here is a 100% recommended release that you can’t miss complete. Enjoy it!

MLR0154 (Victor Special - High Jump)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2019-03-18 13:17:10

‘Victor Special’, Ukrainian DJ and Producer with a long career, is already being one of our most important artists. He previously did some remixes that we presented you recently in Mindlifting Records, and now we are proud to bring you one of his last own productions, an amazing tune named ‘High Jump’. This is totally in the style of his previous works with us and we absolutely love it, also he did himself an amazing video that we are sharing in our youtube channel. The release comes with remixes by 2 big artists whom both also was featured in our last compilation ‘The Best of the Last 50 Releases’: ‘Airdream’ and ‘Calvin O'Commor’. And as expected, they did amazing works each one with their remix. So, here is again a 100% recommended release with 3 of our best artists, and of course, all is quality and you can’t miss the pack complete. Enjoy it!

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