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This blog was created for post news about our releases, such as stores where buy them, and other issues related with Mindlifting Records.

Out Now: MLR0123 (Walid Adriano - Freedom)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-04-16 17:26:42

We are pleased to present to ‘Walid Adriano’. He is a very talented producer in Uplifting Trance, comes from Algeria and debuted recently in the music market. Currently he has a couple of Releases and now comes to us with a really quality tune named ‘Freedom’. This is a strong track with a melody that conveys good vibes and we loved it, surely you will love it too. Enjoy!

Out Now: MLR0122 (DJ Deraven - Now & Forever)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-04-09 17:49:04

‘DJ Deraven’ brings to us his new work, and as always, we are very proud to present you this. He is one of the bests of Mindlifting Records and of course one of our favorites, because all the stuff that he produce have an exceptional quality. His new gem is named ‘Now & Forever’, it is a really strong Uplifting Trance tune and we are sure that you will love it. So, enjoy!

Out Now: MLR0121 (Mehdi Bey - Momento Contigo)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-04-02 17:54:23

‘Mehdi Bey’ comes back to Mindlifting Records with a new awesome work. We recently presented him as new artist, and this time he brings to us a tune with a melody which conveys really positive feelings. This is named ‘Momento Contigo’, and is a purely quality Uplifting Trance track. We are sure that you will love it as much as we do. So, enjoy it!

Out Now: MLR0120 (Precious Affliction & Stayer X - On the Edge / Feeling)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-03-26 16:41:24

We are pleased one more time to present the new work by one of our favorite artist, the Ukrainian duo ‘Precious Affliction’. But this time in collaboration with ‘Stayer X’, a very good producer, from Ukraine too, who we give the welcome as new artist in Mindlifting Records. The Release includes 2 tracks: ‘On the Edge’ by the mentioned collaboration and ‘Feeling’ by only ‘Precious Affliction’. Both are amazing Uplifting Trance tracks really quality, so here is a 100% recommendable pack that you can’t miss complete. Enjoy it!

Out Now: MLR0119 (Paul Courbet - Resilient)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-03-19 16:36:14

“Paul Courbet” is the new signing of Mindlifting Records, comes from U.K. and is an experienced Trance DJ since many years. He recently debuted as producer in a major label of the Trance scene and currently has a couple of works released. Now we are proud to present you his newest track, this is named “Resilient” and is an absolutely quality tune, strong Uplifting Trance that is exactly what we love. So, here you have a 100% recommended track that you can’t miss. Enjoy it!

Out Now: MLR0118 (Puresoul - Eternal Memories)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-03-12 17:00:05

“Puresoul” comes now to Mindlifting Records. He is a very talented new Trance Producer who already released with us one time through our previous label “Linger Records”, and now we are glad to present his latest work in Mindlifting. He brings us a pure quality Uplifting Trance track, still better that the previous, really strong and with awesome melody. This is an amazing work and we are sure that you will love it. Enjoy!

Out Now: MLR0117 (Nakhiya - Anthayana)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-03-05 16:57:25

“Nakhiya” comes again to Mindlifting Records with his new awesome work. We really love his particular way to make Uplifting Trance tunes and that's why we have the pleasure to work with him. The name of the track is “Anthayana”, following the same line of his previous tunes, strong base and a really bright melody that will make transport your mind. This is definitively a very good work which you can’t miss. Enjoy it!

Out Now: MLR0116 (Baintermix - Wind of Change / Faraday's Cage)

ReleasesPosted by Mindlifting Records 2018-02-26 16:51:01

“Baintermix” don’t stop surprising us, he is a quite productive artist since is capable to make a lot of tracks in little time, but all he do have awesome quality and each work he send to us is still better than the previous. We are very glad that he is being one of our habitual lately. This time we proudly present 2 of his latest tracks: “Wind of Change” and “Faraday's Cage”, both are amazing and pure Uplifting Trance with energetic melodies. So, here is a very recommendable Release that you can’t miss complete. Enjoy it!

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