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Out Now: LGR0107 (Paul Cry - Velvet)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, July 18, 2016 13:41:14

'Paul Cry' is our new signing, he is a newcomer producer from Poland with a great talent. And a good proof of his talent is this really good Uplifting Trance track named 'Velvet', with a beautifull melody which we loved. The release includes 3 awesome remixes for compliment a very good pack. All them Uplifting Trance, made by: 'Raphael Bennett', new in Linger Records, he offers us an strong and quality work. 'Vermin Vibes' and 'Anyosel', both already known in this label and each one brings us their versions of the track, also amazing works. So, you can't miss this full release!