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This is the blog in which will be posted the releases from now on in Linger Records, and other news. So, stay tuned!

Out Now: LGR0100 (100 Reasons to love Uplifting Trance)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, May 30, 2016 11:21:51

Linger Records is celebrating it's Release number 100! this humble and honest Label has always been bet for the Uplifting Trance as the principal style, this is just because we love it, and thats the why that, for this special compilation, we have selected the best 22 Uplifting Trance tracks that we released from the birth of Linger Records in 2012 to the present. If you really love what we do, this is a very special occasion to have a pack with a lot of really good Uplifting Trance, so now more than ever, you can't miss this full Release!

Out Now: LGR0099 (Anyosel - Eclipse in my life EP)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, May 23, 2016 12:35:33

The Guatemalan 'Anyosel' is the new talent caught by Linger Records, and surely from now recognized in the Trance scene. This young pruducer is being producing many good tracks, all of real quality in the purest Uplifting Trance style, and we was dazzled with the beauty of his melodies. Thats the why we are proud to present his EP named 'Eclipse in my life EP'. Containing 3 awesome tracks in the same Uplifting line: 'Eclipse in my life', 'Ice in my heart' and 'Traces of you'. You can't miss this full release!

Out Now: LGR0098 (Nolans Stenemberg - Ready to fly)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, May 16, 2016 12:00:25

In Linger Records we continue betting for new and amateur producers becuase, although some people don't want accept this, they are the future. This time debuts with us 'Nolans Stenemberg', a Venezuelan Trance lover who produces since some years ago, and now show his great talent through this Release named 'Ready to fly'. An Uplifting Trance Track of great quality that he brought us. We erally loved it and we hope that also you will love it!

LGR0097 (Solewaas - Eukodal)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, May 02, 2016 16:30:00

We bring a new artist to Linger Records, he is 'Solewaas'. An algerian Trance producer that currently has many releases in some other labels. Focused on Electronic Music, he produces in different styles, but this time he debut in Linger Records with a very good Uplifting Trance track. Its name is 'Eukodal'. Enjoy this!

Out Now: LGR0096 (Vermin Vibes - This is our world)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, April 18, 2016 16:35:55

We present in Linger Records a Newcomer producer named 'Vermin Vibes' with his first release in the most important internet plataforms. He deserve this opportunity due to his great talent making Uplifting Trance pieces. His amazing tune 'This is our world', with beautifull melody and good vibes, is a good reason for think that he can go so far if he continue working this way. This includes an strong Remix by our talented artist 'Lakes', as always, he brings a real masterpiece, this time in a different style a bit darker. So, here is a really good pack. Don't miss this full release!

Out Now: LGR0095 (Derin - Last trip)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, March 21, 2016 16:05:44
I must comunicate that the last Release of Linger Records: LGR0095 (Derin - Last trip) just has been ordered to be deleted from all stores. The reason: We was cheated by this impostor "Artist" who sent us this stolen track as if it were his own... I apologize for this and want to show my indignation and revulsion for this issues.

Anyway, stay tuned to our next Releases, Linger Records will continue working hard to impove in all aspects.

Thanks for your support and understanding :)

Out Now: LGR0094 (Chris Baker - Transparency EP)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, February 15, 2016 15:35:38

“Chris Baker” never ceases to amaze since the beginnings of this label some years ago. As I always say, one of our best artists and most consolidated in Linger Records, and we are always really proud to present his tracks due to the quality of them. This time we offer you an ep containing 3 new tracks: “Transparency”, “Resonance” and “Long way home”, the first 2 Uplifting Trance in the purest style of this artist, and surprises with a third Chill Out track very beautiful and sounds awesome. Enjoy the full pack!

Out Now: LGR0093 (Pavel Tkachev - The full moon)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, January 18, 2016 15:39:37

After a little period of inactivity, Linger Records returns with recharged energy and a lot of new and amazing stuff! We want start 2016 with a new artist, “Pavel Tkachev”, who specially caught my attention when I started listening demos again. This guy, really produces awesome Uplifting tracks, and this one named “The full moon” is just an example. So, we hope you enjoy this, and we are sure this will be a great year for Uplifting trance!

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