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This is the blog in which will be posted the releases from now on in Linger Records, and other news. So, stay tuned!

Out Now: LGR0108 (Jake & Almo - Chica)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, July 25, 2016 11:50:10

'Jake & Almo' is a new Trance training composed by 2 experimented producers from Copenhagen. They separately already written/remixed or produced for big pop/dance artists and this is the first time they involves in a Trance project, but the result is really quality due to their professionality. We already was amazed with a couple of their tracks and we are very proud to share one of them through Linger Records, the Uplifting Trance one, it's name is 'Chica'. We are sure that this will amaze you too. Enjoy it!

Out Now: LGR0107 (Paul Cry - Velvet)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, July 18, 2016 13:41:14

'Paul Cry' is our new signing, he is a newcomer producer from Poland with a great talent. And a good proof of his talent is this really good Uplifting Trance track named 'Velvet', with a beautifull melody which we loved. The release includes 3 awesome remixes for compliment a very good pack. All them Uplifting Trance, made by: 'Raphael Bennett', new in Linger Records, he offers us an strong and quality work. 'Vermin Vibes' and 'Anyosel', both already known in this label and each one brings us their versions of the track, also amazing works. So, you can't miss this full release!

Out Now: LGR0106 (Ian Source - S.O.S.)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, July 11, 2016 15:38:53

The German 'Ian Source' is a well recognized producer, already stablished with several works in various important labels. Also collaborated with some big figures of the Trance scene. He previously did remixes for us, but this time we are very proud to present the first track that he publish through Linger Records, named 'S.O.S.'. A strong Uplifting Trance track with a style which recalls past times, that perhaps were better... This includes an awesome remix by another of our great artists, 'Eddie Lung', who brings a softer view of the tune, excellent for complement the release. Don't miss the full pack!

Out Now: LGR0105 (Mahaputra - I found you)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, July 04, 2016 15:34:49

One more time, we present a new producer and introduce him into the scene. This time is the indonesian 'Mahaputra', he amazed us with this strong track named 'I found you', a really good Uplifting Trance tune with energetic melody and powerful base. We loved it, so we are glad to share it with you through Linger Records. Enjoy it!

Out Now: LGR0104 (Puresoul - Journey to the sacred)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, June 27, 2016 15:22:03

We are glad one more time to bring a new producer and give him the chance to launch his first release in the Trance scene. This time is 'Puresoul', and with this track he shows us what is capable to do. A really good Emotional Uplifting Trance tune named 'Journey to the sacred', with a beautiful melody and great breakdown, enjoy this!

Out Now: LGR0103 (Baintermix - Sands of oasis)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, June 20, 2016 13:29:22

Now is time to present in Linger Records a new producer coming from Russia named 'Baintermix'. Multifaceted in all kinds of electronic music, but all the tracks he make have something in common regardless of gender: Positive energy, happiness and vitality. This is the seal that defines to this artist, and all that he make have an awesome quality. He amazed us with one of his Uplifting Trance tracks named 'Sands of oasis', which we are glad to release. Enjoy it!

Out Now:LGR0102 (Vivit - Clematis)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, June 13, 2016 13:00:53

'Vivit' is the new talent in Linger Records. Coming from Japan, this newcomer producer make amazing tracks in any style of electronic music and he amazed us with his great work. Now we are glad to present his last Uplifting Trance tune named 'Clematis', a beautiful melody and strong base perfectly in the line of the tracks that we love, and we hope that you will love it too!

Out Now: LGR0101 (Miguel Angel Castellini - Emotional midnight)

ReleasesPosted by Linger Records Mon, June 06, 2016 11:56:35

We got a new artist in Linger Records named 'Miguel Angel Castellini'. DJ and producer from Argentina who already have released numerous tracks in different labels, and supported by important DJs. His Uplifting Trance productions sounds really good and we are proud to present his last work: 'Emotional midnight', a great track melodic Uplifting Trance for your enjoy!

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