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TMM032 (Ahmed Walid - The Light)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, February 01, 2019 12:47:45

'Ahmed Walid' doesn’t stop producing, the quality of his tracks is increasing and we are proud that he is one of our most habitual artists. This time he brings us his latest tune, named 'The Light'. It is a strong uplifting track in his characteristic style that we love, with great breakdown and beautiful piano and main melodies. The release comes with a couple of quality remixes by: 'Liquid Dream' and 'Mehdi Bey', the first one is new in our labels and we welcome him, the second is another of our most featured artists as you know. Both of them did awesome works, so here you have a pack in which all are really good tracks and 100% uplifting. You can't miss this complete, enjoy!