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TMM014 (DJ Deraven & Roy Corporation - Escape)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Mon, June 25, 2018 10:05:03

We are proud to present in Tecnomind Music nothing less than the most successful artist in this moment of our other label Mindlifting Records, he is 'DJ Deraven'. This time he comes accompanied with 'Roy Corporation', and they brings us a tune taken from the tv series 'Anatomy of an Antihero', in which as maybe you know 'DJ Deraven' is the principal actor. The track is in 2 versions: 'Escape' and 'Escape Way to San Diego', the first one is a chill out version of a great quality and the second is trance in the style that this artist work with us usually. Also comes with an amazing uplifting remix by 'David Gate', who habitually works with us too and we are very proud to present now in Tecnomind Music. So, here you have a release replete of quality tracks which you can't miss full. Enjoy it!