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ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Wed, November 01, 2017 09:27:04

I’m a nostalgic, sometimes I like to take my old collection of music and remember past and good times. The last time that I did it I recovered a treasure… The very first track that I made since I started producing!
Was in the year 1997, when I still had no idea about how make music but I was an Electronic Music lover. My friend ‘David Cuevas’, whit whom later I formed the duo “Dance 2 Work”, came to my home one day with a CD containing a software named ‘Dance Machine’. For those who don’t know it, this is a music production tool. Or maybe would be better say that is as a tool for learn to make music or a game with which you can compose Dance music using loops of percussions, kicks, bass melodies, voices, etc. which already are done. From this moment I knew how easy and fun is to make Dance music (not so much when I started learning to make my own melodies and loops with synthesizers and other more complex tools xD). So, the first one which I uploaded in soundcloud doesn't have much merit, but is special because was the first, and maybe this software is the culprit that I started to use some months later in 1998 others for make more professional music, and so till what I’m doing today.
Taking advantage that it's been 20 years of this already, it occurred to me; why not share with the world some of my unreleased tracks which almost nobody know? So, I decided to make this special pack for download free. The pack contains only a little part of all that I made since I started, and note that all included here are unreleased stuff, for more info about what I released you can check my discography here: http://tecnomind.es/discography.html


Or if you prefer, download separatelly:

Cover - 3000x3000 or 300x300 pixels

(1997) Dance 2 Work - The ultimate dance mission (My very first track, made with Dance Machine) - MP3 or WAV

(1998) Dance 2 Work - This is music (First Original melody made with synths) - MP3 or WAV

(1999) Tecnomind - Welcome to the new age - MP3 or WAV

(2000) Tecnomind - Kosmotravel - MP3 or WAV

(2001) Tecnomind - No hay marcha atrás (Singing my sister Rita) - MP3 or WAV

(2002) F. Tony Manero - Robodance (Tecnomind Rmx) - MP3 or WAV

(2002) Rmb - Spring (Tecnomind Rmx) - MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - Connecting DJs - MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - Hard style will never die - MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - Kosmotravel Parte 2 - MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - The face of darkness - MP3 or WAV

(2003) Tecnomind - Into my world - MP3 or WAV

(2003) Tecnomind - Obsessions - MP3 or WAV

(2004) Tecnomind - Chase your dream - MP3 or WAV

(2004) Tecnomind - The Trip - MP3 or WAV

(2005) Tecnomind - Armónico (First Version) - MP3 or WAV

(2006) Jm - Gong - MP3 or WAV

(2008) Kings Of Groove Ft. Andrea Love - Body & soul (Tecnomind Remix) - MP3 or WAV

(2008) Tecnomind - Armonico (DJ Peryko Progressive Break Remix 2008) - MP3 or WAV

(2010) Just Luis - You need me (Tecnomind Remix) (Kol dodi base) - MP3 or WAV

(2011) Akku - 1 Reason for live (Tecnomind Remix) - MP3 or WAV

(2012) Imperfect Hope - No more words (Tecnomind Remix) - MP3 or WAV