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Out Now: Tecnomind - Infinite ways (Original Mix)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Thu, November 07, 2013 15:24:00

Here comes the new Linger Records Sampler! In this Sampler 003 we bring you a big pack including new original tunes and new remixes of some tracks which we've released previously on our other label OvertMind Records. In total there are 10 tracks, and all very good. Those who make them are: "Audiocells" a new artist who comes to Linger with a powerful Trance tune called "United People." "Abide" who was already presented in Linger, and once again brings us one of his quality Trance tunes called "Brasilia". "Tecnomind", myself again in Linger with a new own Uplifting Trance tune called "Infinite ways". "David Surok", another of our artists recently featured in Linger, he brings a new Uplifting Trance tune with a beautiful melody called "Out of the sky". "Danny Legatto" a great producer who comes on this occasion as new artist of Linger and brings us a tune of great quality Uplifting Trance called "The last time". "Saman Khani", another new artist in Linger presented with a great tune uplifting Trance called "Blue energy". "Kiran M Sajeev" is none other than our good friend "Sunstar", he brings an awesome exclusive remix, Uplifting Trance style, for one of the best tracks of OvertMind : "Sunlight Project - Deepest love" . "Tranceangel" a big talent in Uplifting Trance who was worked more than once with us, and this time brings a new remix of high quality for another OvertMind track: "Sergey Levashov - Eywa". And finally "ET Project" comes as a new artist to Linger , and brings us a stunning new Uplifting Trance remix of a tune that has come out recently by OvertMind : "Litagoria feat. Gloria - Misery", in vocal and dub versions. So, here you have a very good collection of tunes which have no waste. You can’t miss this full release!