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This is the blog in wich we will post news about the releases from now on. So, stay tuned!

TMM030 (Magik'D - Give The Best Of My)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, January 18, 2019 21:15:02

We bring another new artist; he is 'Magik'D' form Argentina, an experienced producer since the 90's. Collaborating in groups and also solo, he has been involved in a lot of projects along the time. Now we are glad to welcome him to Tecnomind Music with his last tune, named ‘Give The Best Of My’, it is an EDM track perfect for the dancefloors. And this comes with a couple of great remixes by ‘Dawid Jurzyk’ and ‘Dj XBoy’, the first one debuts in our labels so we welcome him and the second already worked with us in Mindlifting. Both did excellent remixes in trance styles, so here is a complete release that you can’t miss full. Enjoy it!

TMM029 (Le V - Fiat Lux)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Tue, December 18, 2018 17:15:55

Now we are pleased to give the welcome to 'Le V', a talented DJ and producer coming from Brazil that debuts with us in the trance scene with his first release. He is specialized in various styles of trance and brings to us an uplifting trance tune named 'Fiat Lux', with energetic melody and the base sounds strong, is definitely a great production. So, we hope the best for this newcomer producer and you can't miss this release. Enjoy it!

TMM028 (Marco Ollino - Binario)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, December 07, 2018 13:26:17

We are glad to bring a new Artist to Tecnomind Music, his name is 'Marco Ollino', comes from Argentina, and is a newcomer and talented producer in whatever substyle of trance music. He already has one release in the music market and now we are pleased to present one of his last productions, named 'Binario'. It is a melodic tune with quality sound, in a style between Tech. Trance and Uplifting. Definitely it is a great work, so you can't miss this. Enjoy!

TMM027 (iNTRUDE2 - Salvation EP)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, November 23, 2018 12:45:29

Now is time to present something different, just a bit darker that what we are releasing in Tecnomind Music. This comes from a talented Scottish producer that we are pleased to introduce in the electronic music scene; he is 'iNTRUDE2' and brings us an EP named 'Salvation EP'. This includes 6 amazing tunes in real Techno style: 'Devittstation', 'Midnight Express', 'Salvation', 'Solar', 'Suppression' and 'Thunder'. All them sounds amazing and has bases of great forcefulness, so if you like the good Techno sound, here you have a quality pack, that you can't miss complete. Enjoy it!

TMM026 (Ahmed Walid - Moments)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, November 16, 2018 18:23:16

'Ahmed Walid', previously aka 'Walid Adriano' as you know, doesn’t stop to produce amazing uplifting trance tunes. He is one of our most habitual artists and we are proud to notice that his tracks are successful. Now we bring you one of his last productions named 'Moments', the truth is that this is one of the best melodies that we listened from him till the moment and the base, as always, is strong and quality, so this tune totally fits with the kind of music that we really, really love. The release comes with a remix by another of our artists that previously released in Mindlifting, he is 'Aeron Komila' and he brings a remix with amazing strength that we also absolutely love. Definitely, this is a pack in which both original and remix are quality, so you can't miss this complete: Enjoy it!

TMM025 (Walid Adriano - Spiritual Energy (Ian Source Remix))

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, November 09, 2018 12:13:46

Now we bring you a new remix for one of our previous tracks, the remixer is 'Ian Source', you should know him already since he released sometimes through our labels. He is a really amazing producer and this work proves it, giving to the original track a new vision in his tyle. The track is 'Spiritual Energy', by 'Walid Adriano', who btw will be the protagonist in our next release with his new aka 'Ahmed Walid', so stay tuned. At the moment, here you have a really good remix that you can't miss. Enjoy it!

TMM024 (Andres Selada Feat. TRIDEX - Here in this World)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, November 02, 2018 12:01:12

We are glad to present the collaboration between 2 amazing producers from Colombia: 'Andres Selada Feat. TRIDEX'. The first one recently was introduced in Tecnomind Music with a great remix and the second one comes for first time so, we are glad to give him the welcome. They bring a quality tune in a strong style Tech. Trance and we really loved it. This comes with 3 awesome remixes by 3 great artists of our labels: 'Dove Project', 'Nakhiya' and 'Paul Pollux', all them did absolutely amazing works. So, here is a pack full of quality and different versions of a track. You can't miss this complete, enjoy it!

TMM023 (Renal Shamsutdinov - Moments & Pieces)

ReleasesPosted by Jose Mª Jimenez (Tecnomind) Fri, October 26, 2018 12:18:06

A new talent comes to Tecnomind Music from Russia. Previously with the aka 'Eternal Project' and now we are glad to bring his first release to the music market as 'Renal Shamsutdinov', also we give him the welcome as new artist in our labels. He possess a great talent playing guitar as you can see in this track, a quality tune named ‘Moments & Pieces’ in uplifting trance style with really beautiful melodies and good feelings. And this comes with 2 awesome remixes by artists of our labels, they are: 'Ahmed Walid', who you already know as 'Walid Adriano', and 'Marc de Buur' who already released with us through Mindlifting. Both did really good works, and here you have a 100% uplifting trance release. You can't miss this complete, enjoy it!

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